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Gardens of Hope Foundation, Africa is passionate about making Poverty, Inequality and Injustice History in our world.Gardens of Hope Foundation, Africa aims to partner with communities stricken by poverty, sickness and hopelessness in developing and equipping them as stand alone communities with hopes and dreams for their futures and for their children and children’s children.

Gardens of Hope Foundation, Africa was established in 2010 by a group of people who share a passion to see the lives of the most impoverished and "at risk" people made better.

One of our group had travelled to South Africa and saw the huge need. He was blessed by living with a community which is living under the AIDS epidemic and poverty. They are running a feeding program from their tiny garage, feeding upwards of 150 orphans and “at risk “people 5 days per week.

The need was so great that on his return it was decided that Gardens of Hope Foundation, Africa be formed to partner with them and other communities to help equip them to become self sufficient and stand alone.

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A Start in Life is an Australian charity with over 89 years experience in providing support to thousands of disadvantaged families.

We know that education is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty, so we financially assist these families to ensure their children have the access to the same learning opportunities as their peers.

Our professional and compassionate team know each individual family and liaise with them on a regular basis. We follow the progress of each student through their school reports, letters, phone calls and visits.

For Australian families living below the poverty line, sending their child to school can be a challenge:


  • Lunchboxes are empty

  • Uniforms  second hand and often ill fitting

  • Children miss out on attending school camps and excursions

  • Sight and hearing issues often go unnoticed as parents cannot afford to get them tested.


The results are:


  • Poor nutrition leads to a lack of focus in class and can impede the child’ learning ability

  • Children quickly become aware that they are different to their peers resulting in them becoming self-conscious and reluctant to attend school

  • Children do not have the necessary tools to learn, so fall behind.

  • Children with sight and hearing issues greatly effects learning in the classroom


We provide direct assistance to families to cover the cost of their school essentials.

Our assistance includes but is not limited to supplying:


  • School fees

  • Sports and Music equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Medical tests*

  • Regulation school shoes

  • Tutoring and coaching

  • Excursion costs

  • School photos

  • Computers

  • Books and Stationary


We are structured in the way we support children, drawing on over 89 years of experience to ensure that the funds provided go directly to the children who need it.  Every application for assistance is assessed against criteria, so the program assists those young people who are truly in necessitous circumstance.